Life Code

Logan, a tech wizard and middle schooler, creates a Life Code app so that his sister can enter a parallel dimension and change her life however she wants. The trouble begins when the app develops a mind of its own.

Good tech gone bad - our inspiration

Technology, in the right hands, brightens the world. In the wrong hands - it's deadly.
Life Code is a story about both sides of the coin.

Should you fear the watch on your wrist now that it can read every text you send? Should we duck and cover when a drone buzzes overhead? The Information Era has brought many exciting things to our households, but there will always be antagonists out there looking for a new weapon - even one as innocent as a watch.

Which roles are still available?

We are casting for these roles at the moment:

  • Viola, a 15-19 year old girl
  • Logan, a 9-15 year old boy
  • A mother to the two children
  • A father to the two children
  • Hunter, a 9-15 year old boy, friend to Logan